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Tools and accessories for fitness: Kit body pump


Info availability and price  - SMALL TOOLS - Complete Kit body pump

The pump body kit is a complete system of weights (disks) and rockers organized in a convenient tool consists of a rack for storing effective rockers and a disk holder for holding the weights. The first disk holder is made of 6x5 = 30 pins that you can lay lots of disks, whereas virtually discs weighing more than 10kg that you can settle 4 on each pin of course if you use smaller disks that number climbs, we arrange 5 or 6 .. The side stand has 20 offices in solid wood to lay as many rockers. The tool is made of stainless steel corrosion available in different colors, also has a non-slip rubber base

Tools and accessories for fitness: Hard dumbbells and barbells


info availability and price \"SMALL TOOLS - Hard dumbbells and barbells"

The discs are made of cast iron body pump wheel and have a very well rounded to give a good appearance makes them safer in case of accidental drops, no corners have been designed for use with barbells or dumbbells on tightening spring. We also have disks of cast iron wheel with a hole 25mm or 30 mm more subtle form suitable for dumbbells and barbells with system disk block screw.

Material: Cast Iron

Bore diameter: 25 mm, 29 mm, 50 mm

Treatment: Soft Tires

Note: Use professional

Features: The discs are made from high quality materials which makes them virtually indestructible. Each disc is embossed the weight in kg (see picture left), also note that the shape makes them very safe with no sharp edges.


Tools and accessories for fitness: Barbell


info availability and price "SMALL TOOLS" Barbell

We have different types of barbells that can satisfy every need. They are made of chrome steel, the grips are. They are available in two models: with a locking screw or spring. The locking screw is in a trapezoidal screw thread axis greenhouse ancestral records, while the spring clamp consists of a spring closing in on the axis lock the disks. The advantages of either method are related to the use, in principle we can say that if you need a variable weight barbell with a very fast assembly and disassembly discs, the choice should rest with the clamping spring, if you want to make rocker with weights more or less fixed, the choice may fall on the model fitting. Of course all models are available in lengths of 1,80 - 2,00 - 2,20 mt. and curved version.

Material: Cast Iron

Diameter: 25 mm, 50 mm

Length: 1.80 - 2.00 - 2,20 mt.

Note: Available with spring-loaded locking screw