Dual Adjustable Pulley

Info availability and price " Strength LF - Cable Motion - Multi Use - Dual Adjustable Pulley "

Description of the details:

Weight 575 Kg Weight Stack: 2x195 Kg

Dimensions (W x D x H): 112cm x 157cm x 236cm


Key Features:

The resistance level on weight stack with a 1:4 ratio allows a low initial effort, ideal for novice users or out of shape. It also allows greater speed of movement, suitable for sports training

The mechanism of double-cylinder (or pulley housing) lets you make adjustments faster and easier. The 20 adjustment positions per column allows to perform a wide variety of exercises.

The standard accessory kit includes 9 different handles, a poster, leaflet and a CD training, all the tools necessary for a truly comprehensive program of muscle strengthening.

 Accessories include: 2 short handle strap, 2 Long Handles Tear-Off, 1 Ankle strap, 1 Leg Extension / Leg Curl Strap, 1 Long Bar, 1 Short Bar, 1 Triceps Rope